A new film written and directed in Lowcountry will get its first screening at the Terrace Theatre next month. It’s called All for Liberty and it’s about the remarkable life of Henry Felder, a German-Swiss immigrant settled in the frontier country of South Carolina who wrote a document called the Articles of Separation to justify independence from England.

The film stars Clarence Felder (yes, there’s a relation) as the story’s hero. Look up Felder on the Internet Movie Database and you’ll find a list of credits (most of them character parts) as long as his arm. With his wife, Chris Weatherhead, also in the film, and whose IMDB list is itself a long drink of water, they run Moving Images Group, the Actors Theatre of South Carolina, and the Felder Film Festival (you know it from the Piccolo Spoleto Festival).

According to the movie’s website: “All for Liberty was shot on location in South Carolina and Georgia, using the actual historical sites wherever possible. The project has inspired renewed historical interest in Captain Felder, prompting a rediscovery of his gravesite and farmstead.”

I’ve called Felder, but he hasn’t called back yet. I’ll update this post when he does.

Meanwhile, the screening is so far set for Jan. 26 at 7 p.m. at the Terrace Theatre.