If you’re a last-minute shopper frantically searching online for crafty Christmas gifts, you’re likely to run across a local letterpress company called Ink Meets Paper, whose co-founder happens to have his image splashed across the front page of Etsy today.

Husband-and-wife team Allison and Daniel Nadeau started the company about two years ago in their Park Circle home, creating simple greeting cards with a 1,000-plus-pound cast-iron letterpress that was built in the 1920s. Allison Nadeau says she had no idea they would be featured on the popular website for handmade gifts until a friend sent her a message this morning to say she saw Daniel’s picture.

Ink Meets Paper has been having a banner year, distributing products to stores nationwide and even landing letterpress recipe cards on the shelves of Anthropologie. It’s still a two-person company, although Allison says they’re looking to purchase a second letterpress to ramp up production.

Why is business booming for homemade cards? “It’s something that’s not generic,” she says. “I think people respond to the handcrafted nature of it.”

To purchase cards online or to find a local store that stocks them, visit inkmeetspaperpress.com.