Cory’s Grilled Cheese (1739 Maybank Hwy.) has a few last hurrahs lined up before the sandwich shop that moonlights as an underground music venue moves operations to the Purple Buffalo. One of the final throwdowns is a metal show called End of Cory’s Grilled Cheese, happening on Fri. Aug. 31 at 7 p.m.

Organizer Ethan Slaughter says he’s basing the event title End of Cory’s Grilled Cheese off Japanese animated television series Genesis Evangelion, with the event acting as the final episode he’s calling “ONE MORE FINAL: MOSH.” The all-ages show features multiple bands from close to home and as far as New Jersey. It’s a fitting bon voyage from the local metal community who’ve come to consider the venue a safe place to do what they love: be a part of a live scene they can relate to (even if it means doing a little damage).

“For a lot of people Cory’s was a place they could call home and that so many people who had never been to shows before attended Cory’s as their first,” Slaughter says. “It was the one place that was all ages that people could come together and witness up and coming artists play their hearts out.”

Here’s the lowdown provided by Slaughter on what you can expect at the rager:

FALSE LIGHT | Charleston Grindcore
One of Charleston’s only currently active bands from the early 2010s and the local artist with largest draw. Metallic Hardcore infused with grindcore, powerviolence, and hints of Noise.

RAINGOD | Columbia Metallic Hardcore
Columbia’s returning champions playing their first Charleston show after a three-year hiatus and bringing their own crowd of supporters. Hardcore infused with metal and blackened elements creating one sick and twisted vicarious sound. The vocals are reminiscent of old death metal.

TOURNIQUET | New Jersey Metalcore
Straight-edge metalcore band from New Jersey in the vein of Eighteen Visions, Converge, and Poison the Well. Very nostalgic vibes and exaggerated, energetic live performances that leave an unforgettable impression more than their already die-cast steel sound does.

BLEED | Connecticut Metalcore
Emo/alternative metalcore band from Connecticut in the vein of This Day Forward, Bleeding Through, and Blood Has Been Shed. Very emotional chorus lines and crushing breakdowns aligned with perfectly placed dissonant chords. Their first tour ever.

FINAL EXPRESSION | Carolina Hardcore
Straight-edge hardcore consisting of members from North and South Carolina. Reminiscent of Strife, Mindset, and Earth Crisis. Yelled vocals, melodic guitar work, and intense meaning behind their words. Second show ever, first South Carolina show ever.

Cover is $10.

More shows are on the agenda before Cory’s splits from James Island, so stay tuned to their Facebook page for further deets.