Every war movie needs a pre-battle lock-and-load montage. The hero arms himself with shiny weapons, carefully applies camo paint, and sets out to destroy a vile foe. This is exactly what happens at minute marker 2:19 in Lee Morris’ delightful Fstoppers Nikon DF Digital Camera Hipster Review.

Morris, a professional photographer based in Charleston and the co-founder of popular photography and videography site Fstoppers, arms himself with a hipster haircut, Urban Outfitters clothes, and a pipe. Oh, and there’s the Nikon DF, which Morris eviscerates in the following 18 minutes.

“Hipster Review,” which has received nearly 80,000 views, is a response to backlash Morris received after posting an article titled “The Nikon Df Represents Everything Wrong With Photography.”

“When a website gets as big as Fstoppers, there’s going to be problems with haters coming out,” says Morris.

To fight the haters and the DF, Morris takes the vile object to the streets. “The idea was, let’s create a video that takes all the people who were mad and make them even madder, but then they can have no response because I’ve proved my point,” says Morris.

In the video, Morris gallivants around the most hipster places in the Holy City to prove his original thesis — the DF isn’t a bad camera; it just emphasizes style over substance. Morris says, “I admit, I prefer the way the DF looks, but as a professional photographer, I wish it could look cool and be easy to use.”

By the end of the battle it is clear that Morris has emerged victorious.

See the full post here and watch the video below.