Two years into their run as an “Active Rock” station, 98X (98.1 WYBB FM ) celebrates the first anniversary of their lively and varied music series, “Local X,” this week. Hosted by daytime DJ Amy Hutto, the weekly two-hour show (Sundays, 9-11 p.m.) debuted on May 8, 2005. “Local Noise” quickly established itself and plowed ahead, wrapped in quick-witted humor and a long list of hi-fi Charleston rock sounds — much of which is on the progressive, edgier side of the local music scene. On the eve of the inaugural show, Hutto, 23, told City Paper of her love for catching bands doing their things live on stage — such local acts as quench (now known as Number One Contender), Kapone, Souls Harbor, Wormbelly, Handgun Sonata, Harriet, Volusia, and many others. While “Local X” has become an on-air hot spot for bands practicing various forms of nü-metal, alternative guitar rock, punk, and other modern styles, it allows the opportunity for any unsigned band or songwriter to get a bit of air time and acknowledgement. “Some of our favorite animated characters will be making a very special guest appearance on the anniversary show,” she adds. “It should be interesting!” Hutto recently made additions to their web page, adding information about staffers Toker, Chris Patterson, Krazy Kev, and others. Song playlists, band news, and links are regularly posted there and on their Myspace page, (For more on Hutto and Local X, visit