Mike Allen in the 98 Rock studio

Veteran radio exec and on-air personality Mike Allen (a.k.a. the “Rock Doc”) announced this week that he’ll be leaving his job as operations director at rock stations the Bridge at 105.5 FM and station 98 Rock for a position at WWNU the Palm 92.1 FM a new Triple-A station in Columbia.

“It’s been eleven and a half years of fun and work here in Charleston,” Allen stated in post on the Bridge’s Facebook page this week. “While I’ll miss my friends and this lovely city that I’ve come to love, the challenge of putting on a station like the Bridge in a new city calls. I’ve always valued your time and attention, and I’ve thanked you everyday for it. It applies now. Thank you for listening.”

An Atlanta native, Allen has worked in FM radio for years in the Carolinas. He started working at WYBB 98.1 FM and WCOO 105.5 FM in 2000. Both stations are part of the Lexington, Ky.-based LM Communications family. Allen oversaw format changed in both stations over the years. Fri. June 29 will be his last day at the Bridge at 105.5 and 98 Rock. He starts his new gig next week. “Mike in the Morning” will be a weekday morning show at the Palm 92.1.