If the call of Cthulhu beckons you, instead of making you ask, “What’s a Cthulhu?” then do we have the right Kickstarter for you.

Local actor and screenwriter Michael Keene is trying to raise $15,000 to create a Lovecraftian web series pilot to option to distributors. Lovecraft, named after the author H.P. Lovecraft, is a special type of horror genre originating in the early 20th century that focuses on the unknowable and supernatural.

Keene’s series, The Dream Cycle of Randolph Carter, follows an author trying to stave off insanity after discovering a mystical cult and a cosmic conspiracy. The pilot will be shot in Charleston and will premiere in spring of 2014. On Sept. 25 at 6 p.m., the cast and crew will host a meet-and-greet at Collective Coffee in Mt. Pleasant, where you can learn more about the project and chat with other Lovecraft enthusiasts.

The larger Kickstarter goal is to raise $150,000 to create the whole eight episode season. Currently, the project has over $1,000 and less than twenty days to go. You can donate till October 13 here