Local screenwriter Rob Liotti of High Voltage Productions is currently seeking a producer for his docu-drama, Bon Scott: The Legend of AC/DC. The film follows the story of the late AC/DC lead man when the band was on the cusp of international fame. Liotti portrays a character who is instrumental in garnering that success as well as a man struggling with a darker side. Liotti describes the film as “a story that people have a desire to see and haven’t been given yet.”

While the vast majority of the events take place in the UK, Liotti plans to set the film in Charleston because of its historical scenery, which has lent its character to films like The Notebook and The Patriot. According to him, two L.A. producers are currently considering the screenplay, but he will be also consider producers a little closer to home.

“I’m looking for a producer who has a passion for a ‘rock you drama’ about a music icon who died under tragic circumstances,” says Liotti. For more information or to express interest in the position, visit