The internet breeds some weird stories. With, a young man named Jason Sadler paid the bills in 2009 by becoming a human billboard and, well, wearing the shirt of a different company every day. Now Sadler is expanding the site, and Charleston resident Laura Carter wants to be his next employee.

The shirt Sadler wears depends on what day the company buys. The young entrepreneur made $83,000 last year. He’s expanding the business in 2011, with the latest shirt-wearer to be announced Dec. 15.

Enter Laura Carter, a Lowcountry mom with a marketing degree from the University of South Carolina. Carter has created more than 30 videos for her IWYS application, including a few for Kodak and Pizza Hut’s Book It Program.

Carter’s video for IWYS sponsor involved her husband donning a Santa suit, dancing in Best Buy, hanging around downtown, and strolling on the beach in October. liked Carter’s promotional video so much they asked for more.

“I feel as a mom, I would open up a different demographic of clients and community members to I Wear Your Shirt,” Carter says. Still, Carter’s job would consist of more than just wearing shirts. It involves working as one of the company’s social media reps for a day, promoting the day’s company via YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and live chats. Check out Laura’s videos at