[image-7] Anthony Woodle has vivid memories of his childhood Halloweens. “I have memories from when I couldn’t have been any older than four years old, of this giant Dracula that my father made, which would tower over people as they entered the door to their old condo on James Island,” he says. As Woodle grew up his family’s decorations grew less dramatic, but he never lost his affinity for the macabre.

[image-3]For the past seven years Woodle has been creating an elaborate haunted house at his West Ashley home. Utilizing his degrees in film production and digital cinematography, Woodle documents the build of his display on YouTube every year, under the name AntneyW.

“The display now takes up the entire front yard, part of the garage, and is still growing each year, and the surrounding neighborhoods look forward to it and drive by almost daily to see the progress. Most of the props are all handmade by me, and it has turned into something more than just a bunch of Halloween decorations. It has become an event in its own right for the surrounding community,” says Woodle.

[image-4]After years of a successful haunted house, Woodle decided that he could use his display as a drop-off location for a local charity, Lowcountry Food Bank. Woodle says that last year the haunted house collected about 50 pounds of canned food. If you’re interested in donating this year, or just learning more about the haunted house, email antneyw@gmail.com.