West Virginian Logan Venderlic may be pretty new to Charleston, but he’s already made waves on the national scene, getting noticed by the likes of The Wall Street Journal and Huffington Post. He’s even played NPR’s Mountain Stage. Locally, Venderlic just finished his second Dig South appearance, and he’ll officially release his latest album Heart Heavy later on this summer. “The album is pretty diverse,” he says. “It’s got folk rock, southern roots, soul pop, and new wave a la Costello and Richman. It’s got some great highs and devastating lows.” For now, you can buy it directly from loganvenderlic.com, plus he’s giving y’all a complimentary Soundcloud download of the joyous single “I Saw the Light,” which features the voice of the beloved Rachel Kate Gillon. Listen to it at soundcloud.com/loganvenderlic, and catch him live at the Royal American on Sat. June 14 with Texan troubadours Sons of Fathers.