They may live all the way across the pond, but Brits are facing some of the same arts dilemmas as we are, one of them being the younger generation’s lack of interest in classical music. Their solution? Offer beer and more chit-chat.

The London Symphony Orchestra, the London Chamber Orchestra, and the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment recently conducted a study at a series of concerts. They asked young people aged 24-36 for feedback, and they found that many felt alienated by traditional concerts.

The London Evening Standard reports on the study, quoting Melissa Dobson of The Journal of New Music Research. “If information is embedded in the concert format, pitched at the right level and done in a way which creates a rapport with the players, a younger audience can really appreciate live classical music.”

This inevitably makes us think of a few innovative series that the Charleston Symphony Orchestra has hosted over the years, like Backstage Pass and Out of the Box, both spearheaded by former resident conductor Scott Terrell. Terrell left Charleston for a job at the Lexington Philharmonic in 2008, taking much of that innovation with him.

Read the full article here, and don’t miss the comments. My favorite: “So why don’t we dress up Micheangelo’s ‘David’ to look more like a hip dude or better yet, a vampire! We can make Mona Lisa a hot chick like Lady Gag-ah.” Thank you, Doug from London.