[image-2]Felix Landrum says he won’t be a stranger to his guests. The owner of the forthcoming Félix, a French cocktail bar opening at 550 King St., will be the GM, onsite nightly to seat, great, and see to the comfort of all 65 of guests. It’s all in keeping with his effort to bring the French love of sharing a good meal with the Charleston community.

“My parents are from Paris,” says the Michigander who moved to Charleston with wife and two children last year. “Growing up, meals where about everyone being around the table together.” And that same welcoming feel is the goal with Félix.

As previously reported, Landrum comes from a restaurant family. Before moving, he ran the successful Ann Arbor Felix Bistro & Bar. But Landrum says this Félix is a big departure from his previous work. Where that was a brasserie, Félix Charleston is a cocktail bar.

According to Landrum’s consultant Chef Nathan Thurston of Thurston Southern, the menu will be filled with small French plates in the $11-$15 range with a few items topping “more elegant dishes” $21.

The main focus in the space designed by Landrum’s wife will be on the 16-seat bar which wraps around the area adjacent to the entrance. A wall of banquettes will seat groups along with two farm tables made by Landrum Tables (no relation). The rest of the space will be filled with smaller tables.

Landrum hopes to unlock Félix’s doors the first week of November.

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