Big Dicktionary

Thurs., Jan. 17, 8 p.m.; $8; Theatre 99;

The talented comedy team of Timmy Finch and John Brennan bring their wildly unpredictable Big Dicktionary back to the stage this week. At the start of each show, they randomly select a word from Webster’s unabridged dictionary (or anything handy) to immediately create a couple of characters and blast through an hour-long set.

“Big Dicktionary is completely off the cuff,” Brennan says. “Our rules are that we have no rules.”

Finch, a veteran Charleston performer and longtime member of The Have Nots!, first developed the concept for this minimalist, audience-interactive situation in 2005 with Brennan, who formed the group Fishing with Dynamite, performed with The Sofa Kings and The Measled Knights, and nearly won first place in a recent Super Bowl Super Ad contest.

“Sometimes, we’ll grab someone’s iPod and play songs to spark scenes … or we’ll collect everyone in the audience’s cell phones and answer all the calls as they ring to create an improv scene,” Brennan says. “We do anything. It’s wild and it’s never the same.”