[image-2]We got the first shots today of what looks like Jamie Lee Curtis on set in North Charleston, in town reprising her role as Laurie Strode as local shooting of the latest Halloween movie is underway in the North Charleston area.

Driving around the Park Circle area recently, you’d be forgiven if you thought you were somehow transported to Haddonfield, Illinois. For the past few weeks, production crews have set up shop in the area and transformed local spots into set pieces for the latest iteration of the horror classic. Since mid-January, crews have been spotted in several locations in the North Area, including a BP station in Hanahan, off Rivers Avenue in North Charleston, and at the old armory building near the Danny Jones Aquatic Complex, where the shooting triggered road closures in the past couple days.

And just today, some curious eagle eyes spotted what looks like Jamie Lee Curtis herself in the area around Danny Jones, the first time we’ve seen her on set, with a fluffy little dog that looks like one she’s featured on her personal Instagram account.

[embed-5]Last week, Danny McBride, who co-wrote the latest installment with David Gordon Green, posted a photo of a director’s chair on set emblazoned with “The Shape” (one of Halloween villain Michael Myers’ AKAs.) The duo’s production shop, Rough House Pictures, which also includes Vice Principals co-writer Jody Hill, has even set up a shop in Charleston, telling Rolling Stone last week that several of the VP crew has settled down in the area.

The latest Halloween film is reportedly set as a direct sequel to the original Halloween and is being produced by Blumhouse Productions, which was also behind Get Out, the 2017 Jordan Peele turn on a horror film that earned an Oscar nod this week.

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