With just eight episodes of Lost in the can for this season, it’s not going to be a long one. But we’ll be posting a quick run down of our predictions about the current major mystery … which of the crash survivors make it off the island. NOTE: There are spoilers ahead:


Sure things:

Jack: Revealed in Season 3

Kate: Revealed in Season 3

Hurley: Revealed in Season 4, episode 1


Sun: She got pregnant on the island, ensuring her death if she makes it to the third trimester on the cursed rock.  No one has a better reason to get off the island.

Claire: Worry over the safety of her baby around four-toed giants shrouded in black mist (I’m making that up — I think) will force Clair to leave the island.

Michael: We just think it would be very tragic, therefore almost assured, that Michael would somehow be forced to return to the island and then leave without his son, Walt.