I can’t say I’m surprised to read in The State this morning that Louis and Marlene Osteen will be closing up Louis’s Restaurant in Pawley’s Island to focus on their new Vegas venture.

I wrote a story about the Osteens back in February, after visiting their new restaurant in Las Vegas. Louis is the kind of guy who runs a restaurant by being there all the time,  getting to know the regulars and hanging out at the bar. At the time, he and his wife/partner Marlene were crisscrossing the country between South Carolina and Nevada to make sure both businesses were running smoothly. For a couple nearing retirement age, that schedule must have been exhausting. So, according to The State article, they’ve decided not to renew their Pawley’s lease.

I’ve got plans to be in Pawley’s Island on Labor Day weekend, and I’m glad we’ll be able to get our corner table on the porch one last time. I guess next year, we’ll have to make plans to hit Vegas to get our Louis fix.