Guys scare easily, so take it slow. If you want to ask a dude out, don’t make it a huge production. In fact, just trick him into a date. You’ll be eating tapas before he even realizes what hit him.

If your crush is from work or school, your best bet is to casually say, “I could really use a beer right now,” at the end of the day. Chances are, he’ll be down for a drink. If you’re worried about looking like a complete lush, invite him to lunch or dinner, but make sure it’s somewhere casual. Romantic restaurants can be intimidating and put too much pressure on a night out.

If you’re vibing on a guy at a bar, just start a conversation. It doesn’t take much to get someone talking if there’s alcohol involved. Mention something you think he might be interested in. If he’s wearing a NORML shirt, mention the dank bud you have back at the house. If he has a goatee, talk about how you think the ’90s are making a comeback.

Looking for dates and not a one-night stand? Make that clear. Strike up a convo, exchange digits, and call it a night. Sluttin’ it up can be fun, but it’s no way to get a guy to take you to dinner. Sleep with him, sure — just not yet. Keep the hormones under control for a few days until you two can meet up again. After the waiting period, all bets (and clothes) are off.