I love LIFE! I love GOD! I love all of the gifts God has blessed me with everyone in my life (e.g., my beautiful daughter, family, friends, loyal pets even), everything I have (e.g., a nice home, a job, a car even), and this beautiful earth that we all call home. I try to appreciate every day and remember that each moment of each day is a gift, which is why we call it the “PRESENT”! Do I always have such a positive outlook? NOPE! Do I look at everything through rose-colored glasses? NOPE! But I couldn’t help but notice that, although this is the LOVE / Hate message area, the hate messages glaringly outweigh the love messages something like 10-12 hate messages compared to ONE love message since 6/6/10. So, I just thought I’d remind everyone to LOVE!!! And, don’t forget that old saying, “Smile! Jesus loves you!” It’s true 😉