The J. Edwards Band at Home Team BBQ

The Lowcountry Blues Club regularly brings talented musicians and singers together at Fiery Ron’s Home Team BBQ in West Ashley on Wednesday nights. The club also hosts an annual Blues Challenge with preliminary competitions and a final round that determines who will head on to Memphis for the International Blues Challenge.

This year, several local bands competed in rounds on Oct. 9 and Oct. 23 at the venue. Each band was allowed to play a 25-minute set and scored in five categories: blues content, vocal performance, instrumental performance, originality, and stage presence.

On Sun. Nov. 6, four finalists — Momma and the Redemption Band, Nate Mills and the Blue Plate Specials, the J. Edwards Band, and the Highway 17 Blues Band — perform in front of a panel of judges, starting around 3:30 p.m. A donation of $5 at the door is appreciated. The top scorer will travel to the Challenge, held from Jan. 31 through Feb. 4.

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