The Lowcountry Highrollers, Charleston’s flat-track women’s roller derby team, is set to release their 2010-2011 pin-up calendar on Sat. Dec. 19. Local photographer Carolina St. Jane, a team member and owner of St. Jane Photography, “seductively posed the LCHRs for some of the most dramatic scenes and come-hither looks you’ve ever laid eyes on,” says Wendy “Killie Dee” Boswell.

The 15-month calendar includes a schedule of all home and away events for next year. They’re $15 each and available at their website as well as local businesses including EVO Pizzeria, Tin Roof, Recovery Room, Red’s Icehouse, Upper Deck Tavern, Hot Wheels, Holy City Tattoo, Merch Underground, 52.5 Records, and City Lights Coffee.