The Lowcountry Highrollers weren’t just tens, they were natural elevens as they skated to a thrilling comeback victory over the Charlotte B-Dazzlers in their second home bout Sunday night at McAlister Fieldhouse.

The B-Dazzlers skated out to a 23 point lead through two periods but crapped out as the Highrollers skated back into the match the hard way, patiently chipping away at Charlotte’s lead before knotting it at 98 with around three minutes left to play. The Highrollers won jam after jam and finally took the lead on a thrilling six-point jam by Red Dread, who was nothing short of spectacular down the stretch. Not only did Dread give the Highrollers the lead, she delivered a crushing blow to the B-Dazzlers lead jammer on the very next jam, helping to preserve the victory. The B-Dazzlers managed to call a timeout with three seconds left to play, but on the final jam the Highrollers defense shut them down and called off the jam and the bout, winning 104-98.

The comeback victory proved that all of the Highrollers have heart in spades. The girls easily could have folded but instead rallied behind a raucous home crowd. The tremendous team effort in the win was all the more impressive due to the fact the Highrollers were missing some key players including Suicide Barbie.

Overall, the Highrollers’ second home bout was better than the first all the way around; the hitting was fiercer than the first bout, and the spacious Citadel digs proved to be an excellent venue for derby action.

Photos by Joshua Curry