Dr. Trickinabox and his band of quacks scurried down King Street desperately trying to sell quick fix elixirs at Lowcountry Local First’s Revival on Thursday. An angry horde of locals protested his trickster ways and tried to run him out of town or have the Reverend save his soul. The protesters waved signs expressing their discontent about morally questionable characters coming to town. In this case, the “questionable characters” represent the big box chain stores that chip away at the unique culture of the Lowcountry.

Things kicked off with a street parade from Barsa to the Music Farm featuring some of Charleston’s stand-out local musicians: David Boatwright, Quentin Baxter, Charlton Singleton, and Joel Timmons. There was a tiny food truck rodeo outside of the Music Farm in the alley and a few vendors set up selling local products. Inside, LLF business member Ice Box was serving up vodka-spiked basil lemonade with a mini popsicle stirrer from the King of Pops. Gotta love a local poptail.

On stage, two different choirs sang. The first featured an angel band accompanied by Tom Petty clone Matt Lohan on guitar. Rachel Kate Gillon led the second choir, and her gorgeous voice had those unfamiliar with her talent asking, “Who’s that girl?” The Shaniqua Brown singer took over singing duties for Cary Ann Hearst, who led the singing at last year’s raucous revival.

After the brief spectacle of someone walking over the “hot coals” (smoke machine plus people furiously waving a red sheet) the night wrapped up with some chanting of “Stay out of them chain stores.” Afterward, the stage darkened and the LED hula hoopers began to do their thing, but most professionals hightailed it home, skipping the DJ-fueled afterparty.

The setting was just a bit different this year, but the message is still the same: support local businesses and spend your dollars where they mean something.

Check out a video of the event at the bottom of our home page.