Park Pets in North Charleston is a member of Lowcountry Local First | Produced by Matchlight via LLF

Just before the holidays, Lowcountry Local First (LLF) usually kicks off its end-of-year “buy local” campaign. Well, this year the group turned that into Buy Local Season, urging Charleston shoppers to spend their hard-earned dough with the area’s hard-hit local businesses as the busy buying season approaches.

A new public service announcement out today reminds Charleston that “every dollar matters” when it comes to holiday shopping, and that some of your local favorites are here and ready to help you wrap up 2020. Peep the video produced by Matchlight to see friends from Turning Page Bookshop, Park Circle Pets, Ted’s Butcherblock and others.

Produced by Matchlight

“When consumers choose to support locally-owned businesses, three times more of the dollar stays in our community as compared to if spent with non-local businesses,” the group said in an announcement. “This influx of revenue is essential for local job creation, strong schools, improved streets, unique communities and an overall increased quality of life.”

Want to help out? As part of this year’s Buy Local Season, LLF has a twist on the bygone election season, offering “Vote for Mom & Pop” yard signs. (Donations of $20 or more get you a sign.) To view other donation options, visit

Photo by Lowcountry Local First