Here’s what happens when your phone number gets “out there.” We got this message Thursday from an older man who apparently lives in Canada.

“They all know old man George Bush was never ever married to his mother, Barbara Bush, and they never had a son,” he says. “That means America has no president.”

He goes on to say that, “the man from Canada known as Hillary Rodham Clinton is now campaigning to be the first woman president of our United States of America. A known man cannot campaign to be our first female president unless you are thoroughly mentally sick.”

Other gems in the two-minute rant:

• Laura Bush is an ex-convict man.

• Rudy Giuliani, not his real name, killed a secret wife in Calgary, Canada.

• John McCain is a killer of children.

• The caller’s mother is held hostage under the Pentagon.

My guess is she’s hiding from him. I know I would.