You know who you are. You are the cutter-inners…you wait till the very last minute, till the road almost runs out until you even ATTEMPT to get over in. Harborview Road exit…you know what I am talking about, right there at the end where “2” lanes turn into one at the marsh. You drive past the “Do Not Attempt To Pass” sign, as if it is a suggestion, then when the person you try to push out of the way does not let you in, you cause an almost wreck pushing your car into a space that is the size of my foot until the car you are pushing either lets you in or smashes your pretty Mercedes/BMW/Lexus. Or right off of the exit, you drive as fast as possible in the short passing lane to cut in front of everyone because god forbid you wait until the car in front of you gets over like normal folk do. No, because you have that shiny mercedes/bmw/lexus, you believe that you shouldn’t have to wait in line like the rest of us, you are better than that because you paid too much for your car and believe that your car is better than everyone else’s car. So you have no common courtesy, bully your way to the front of the lines all over the Lowcountry and expect everyone to get out of your way…..but one day, someone will pull a Kathy Bates on you from Fried Green Tomatoes and your pretty car won’t be so pretty anymore……be kind to your fellow drivers and please lowcountry, have some common courtesy!!! This world would be a better place if we all realized that we are all just trying to make it and why can’t we all just get along!!