I try not divulge anything personal to my co-workers. We get along, but coincidentally the time clock also governs my caring about your problems. After the usual pleasantries one of these associates of mine decided to roll up his sleeve and show me his new tattoo—the Apple logo. This brings up a few questions. Why would anyone, unless they had a lifelong endorsement deal, get any corporate logo inked on their body? Who would let him go through with this? Is he really this fanatical about a computer company? A recent study showed what associations Apple consumers’ brains make while using an iPod or iPhone. PC users’ brains were active in the area associating the devices as tools whereas the Apple users lit up in the area associated with religion. Will Mac cathedrals replace Catholic ones? Can we expect the first people to buy Windows 7 beaten senseless in the streets by Justin Long? Hyperbole aside, some people take a box of wires way too serious.