Dorsey Fairbairn and her sister-in-law Heather Fairbairn were shocked when they discovered how many toxic chemicals are in today’s cleaning products. So shocked, in fact, that they started MaidPure, Charleston’s only all-organic cleaning service. According to Dorsey, MaidPure began not as a corporation, but “as a way to change the status quo. And this passion for progress has not been at all reduced in the 12 months since the Fairbairns began organically cleaning Charleston homes.

“Cleaning can be fun when you find products that you know are good for you,” Dorsey says. Purely through word-of-mouth, MaidPure has amassed over 60 clients in the Lowcountry, most of whom can’t stop raving about the results. (Check out the testimonials at their website,

Currently, Dorsey and Heather are busy planning their first Toss Your Toxins event, which will encourage residents to throw away their “household poisons.” The Fairbairns are certainly serious about cleaning consciously. If you’ve had enough of those smelly sprays, we recommend you give MaidPure — or their ideas — a try.