The victim of a gunshot wound from a Saturday night shooting outside Citadel Mall did not show up at a hospital for treatment until Sunday, according to Charleston police.

At 5 p.m. Saturday, an employee at the Citadel Mall location of Sesame Burgers and Beer says she was serving customers on the restaurant’s patio when she heard what she believed to be a gunshot and then called 911. She described seeing a black male in his early 20s grabbing his left leg with a possible gunshot wound in his upper leg or groin area. She says she saw the man go back into the mall, according to an incident report.

Five police officers arrived and secured the crime scene. According to the report, they searched the mall but could not find either a victim or a shooter.

A police spokesman says the victim, 20-year-old Demetri Montelius Broughton, of Hazelwood Drive, showed up at the MUSC Medical Center with a gunshot wound to the leg at some time on Sunday. Broughton’s relationship to the shooter is unknown.