[image-1] Marijuana charges against Morgan Roof have been reinstated after a court mix-up sent the summons to the wrong police officer.

According to Richland County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Maria Yturria, a deputy with the same last name was sent the initial court summons instead of the actual prosecuting deputy. The department made a motion to re-open the case, which was uncontested by Roof’s lawyer.

The simple possession of marijuana charge is accompanied by two felony charges for bringing a weapon to school, all stemming from a March 14 incident — the day of the National School Walkout against gun violence — where Roof brought a knife and pepper spray to school.

A school administrator warned a school resource officer about Roof, according to the Richland County Sheriff’s Department.

In a Snapchat selfie that day, Roof wrote that she hoped her fellow students at A.C. Flora High School in Columbia “get shot,” before adding that the protest was “fixing to be nothing but black people walkin [sic] out anyway.”

“It was an 18-year-old in the middle of a difficult day making a misstatement,” said her lawyer, John Delgado, during a hearing last month. “It certainly wasn’t a threat.”

Her brother Dylann is currently sitting on death row for the June 2015 racially-motivated murders of nine parishioners at Mother Emanuel church in downtown Charleston.