Below is the copy of Marilyn Bowers’ letter announcing her resignation from Charleston County Board of Elections and Voter Registration. The reasons she gives for leaving are purely personal. She gives no hint of the FOI assault she has been under from citizen investigator Frank Heindel for months, or of the of the many problems his investigation turned up with the iVotronic voting machines.

September 15, 2010

Dan Martin, Chairman
Board of Elections and Voter Registration
Charleston County
4367 Headquarters Rd
North Charleston SC 29405

Dear Dan,

It is with much excitement AND much sadness that I submit this letter of resignation to you. Serving as the Executive Director of the Board of Elections and Voter Registration of Charleston County has been a tremendous opportunity for me. When I began my career in elections in 1979 as the Clerk for the Pickens County Voter Registration Board, I would have never in a million years dreamed that I would have the opportunities that I have had to climb this ladder from Clerk to Board Member to Director of the Pickens County Voter Registration and Election Commission (one of the first combined Boards in South Carolina). It took a great leap of faith to go from a midsize county in the upstate to the 2nd largest county in the State of South Carolina here in Charleston. I was told how crazy I was when fellow election officials found out that I had accepted this position but I knew that I felt peace inside and therefore I began a new venture on April 1, 2005. It has given me a chance to work with a completely different group of Board Members, Staff Members, Delegation, Elected/Appointed Official, Poll Managers, and citizens while serving here and I will never forget ANY of you!

Many people have questioned why I never moved my legal residence to Charleston County and drove MANY miles every weekend to go back home. However, there were reasons. My parents taught me a very valuable character tract early in life and that is “respect” for parents and others. I am my Daddy’s little girl and he was ok with the fact that I was accepting this position because he saw the opportunity that I had but he knew that I would be home every weekend and it was never as though I really ever “moved away”. He is not well now and it was truly an answer to many prayers that he and my Mom were able to renew their wedding vows after 65 years on this past Sunday. But, I must go home and be there for them during whatever time he has left. Another reason – Bowers Emergency Services (our family owned business — “Our Family Serving Yours”) has expanded beyond belief during this time and it was just not appropriate for Randy and me to uproot and move from his business and our wonderful parents and children.

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Resignation Letter
September 15, 2010

There is better news. I mentioned earlier that Bowers Emergency Services has been very blessed over the past several years. Randy and three of the children decided in January 2008 that it was time to take a part-time business that was started in 1986 to standby at sporting events and open as a full-time business. The doors opened with four employees (all of which had Bowers as their last name) and two ambulances. Today, Bowers Emergency Services is one of the fastest growing businesses in South Carolina with almost 70 employees and 10 ambulances.

As a result of Bowers EMS’s reputation serving Dialysis Centers, Hospitals, etc., we were approached in July about providing transportation to Adult Daycare Centers for Active Day which operates centers in many states. Yep, here goes another GREAT BIG “leap of faith”. We signed the contract to run approximately 52,000 calls a year, bought buses, hired 20+ full-time employees and ran our first route on August 13th. The Day Care routes are just the beginning because the phone has not stopped ringing since people have seen the buses wanting to know about booking them for other trips. Yep, you guessed it. I am now the official owner and CEO of

I truly believe that timing is everything in life. Randy and I had talked about the possibility of me “really” retiring and coming home after the 2010 elections but I was very hesitate because my love for working in elections is embedded very deep within my soul and I just wasn’t sure how I would react to not being directly involved in the conduct of the next election or the next census and reapportionment. However, when we met with the guys from Active Day’s corporate level, I experienced that same peace that I felt when I came to Charleston.

It’s time to go home but I will NEVER forget any of you or the times we have shared through the everyday life at BEVR, small elections, BIG elections, etc. I certainly hope that I will have left a lasting impression here and that I have made a difference in the people that I have come in contact with during my journey here in the great “State of Charleston”.


Marilyn Bowers

Cc: Sam Howell
John Bourne
Beth Burn
Flora Condon
Carolyn Lecque
Charles Shine
June Smith
Christie Varnado
Troy Watson