• Jim Maguire
  • Mark O’Connor

Grammy-winning violinist Mark O’Connor celebrates his 50th birthday with a stay in Charleston. O’Connor will conduct a week-long strings camp at the Mills House, culminating with a performance of his own at the Sottile Theatre on Fri. Aug. 5. The concert will highlight the original style that has earned him world renown. Born from the tutelage of folk fiddler Benny Thomasson and French jazz violinist Stephane Grappelli, O’Connor blends classical and deep American string traditions.

His second album Appalachian Journey and orchestral score Fiddle Concerto have garnered him praise from fans and critics.

O’Connor’s camp has become a traveling revelation in the musical world. Based on the violinist’s two-book teaching guide, The O’Connor Violin Method, the class develops a diverse range of strings techniques through exposure to and practice of a range of string music, from Irish tunes and ragtime to Antonin Dvorák’s New World Symphony.

Visit markoconnor.com for more. —Lucas Hagerty