Yea, we know Mark Sanford wants to sound the alarm on the national spending and thinks running for president against President Donald Trump is the best way to do that.

Even if that’s the line that gets pinned to Sanford’s name for the next few months, it’s almost impossible to fathom any substantive policy discussion about the national debt by Trump.

An almost-equally laughable conversation Sanford says he wants to have — he’s very good at talking, you know — is about humility.

That’s right, the former congressman turned governor turned disgraced governor turned congressman turned political pariah turned presidential candidate wants to talk about being humble — “freedom from pride or arrogance,” as Merriam-Webster describes it.

“I believe we need to have a conversation about humility and one’s approach to politics,” is the full quote on Fox News Sunday yesterday, taking the obligatory jab at the president’s love of Twitter. (At about 5:20 in the video above.)

Leading off the discussion, even host Chris Wallace was in disbelief that Sanford was pushing forward with his campaign to upend President Trump.

“You honestly think you have a serious chance of beating…?” Wallace trailed off.

Sanford is jumping into the race despite polling showing high Trump approval ratings among Republicans and several states’ GOP leaders having already calling off presidential primaries, including in South Carolina.

With all of that standing in front of him and the resolve to continue to think you are the best person to be President of the United States, maybe Mark Sanford is actually one of the only people well-suited to rival Trump’s arrogance. I’m sure the president would be glad to discuss his own, in any case.