[image-1]It’s pretty well known that Congressman Mark Sanford marches to the beat of his own drummer. His political career is pockmarked with professional highs and personal lows, but despite open self-flagellation on issues public and private, Sanford remains resolute in his ways.

And sometimes he just comes off as a little weird.

In a video posted by BuzzFeed News on Saturday, DC Bureau chief Kate Nocera chronicles an exciting day in late March spent with the 1st District representative. After a morning meeting with Berkeley Republicans, an impromptu stop at the Ladson Flea, and back-to-back downtown charity events with Water Missions and the Parks Conservancy, Nocera concludes: Mark Sanford cannot stop.

All that was before Sanford roped BuzzFeed’s Beltway team into a tour of his family’s property. Eager to give them the full Coosaw experience, the congressman’s tour included luring them up a ladder onto the roof of his dock house; squeezing himself, Nocera, and a cameraman into the cockpit of a John Deere; and then hopping onto a child-sized dirt bike and telling the untrained BF team to keep up on an armada of ATVs. Some 10 minutes later, after a BuzzFeed producer flips his 4×4 but avoids serious injury, Sanford presses on with the tour like a completely normal compassionate person.
[image-2]Side note: Back in 2014, Wonkette reported that unverified transcripts leaked from the congressman’s divorce hearing with ex-wife Jenny showed some concern over maintaining adequate liability insurance at Coosaw after a number of reported incidents.

The BuzzFeed team is not the first to be huckleberried into a visit down to Sanford’s Beaufort County retreat. In 2014, NYT political journo Jim Rutenberg was led through the dark on a tour of the Coosaw waterfront. The highlight of that visit was Sanford abruptly stopping to relieve himself in the marsh grass.

So, yea. A little weird. Roll the video: