The ladies of Mary Kay Has a Posse — Brandy Sullivan, Jennifer Buddin, Camille Lowman, and Jessica Mickey — have been performing together for 17 years. It’s always the same basic format: four ditzy personas take the stage for an improv-based talk show akin to a parody of The View. “Those characters are generally not the sharpest in the tool box,” says Mickey, who becomes “Jessi” during the show.

They get chatty with the audience before moving into a long form improv based on those conversations. “We’re always interacting with the audience during that part of the show. Even though we’ve been doing this for so long and have people who have been coming the whole time, I think it still takes people a minute to realize what the hell is going on,” she laughs.

What makes the show different every time are these ever-shifting conversations. That’s part of the beauty of improv — You can have the same basic outline but you’ll never see the same show twice. “I really like the discovery on stage that comes with improv. I love that moment and improv is really the only thing that affords you to do that in front of an actual audience for the most part.” And in this case, the audience plays a big role in the direction the show takes.

“We improvise on the spot with whatever gets generated during the talk show process that strikes us as funny or as something we want to explore,” says Mickey. “The thing about Mary Kay Has a Posse is that we’re very strong in our character relationships and teamwork. That’s really what shines the most during the long form segment.” After nearly two decades of friendship and co-performing, their comedic banter comes naturally. “It’s been over one-third of my life that I’ve been doing this show with the same group of people. That’s not a common thing. We know each other so well, and we work really well together on stage.”

Even though their friendship may give you warm and fuzzy feels, don’t mistake this show as kid-friendly. This show is still very much for the adults. —Melissa Hayes

Mary Kay Has a Posse

$10 Wed. Jan. 15 at 7:30 p.m. Theatre 99