[image-1] We’re less than three weeks away from the release of the Charleston-filmed Halloween flick, but it’s not too early for a little decoration. [content-4] Starting at the end of last week, local artist Doug Panzone started work to paint a massive mural commissioned to promote the movie’s opening on Oct. 19 on the side of DB’s Cheesesteaks at the corner of Savannah Highway and Avondale Avenue.

Spanning a long stretch of brick facing Highway 17, the wall now features a harrowing image of the series’ antagonist, Michael Myers with a butcher knife — standard accessory for a deranged serial killer.

The film was written and directed with help from Rough House Pictures, the local film production shop set up by actor Danny McBride with frequent collaborators David Gordon Green and Jody Hill. McBride is a co-writer and Green directed the latest Halloween, which was filmed throughout the Charleston area. [content-1] This isn’t the first big public art installation Rough House has coordinated. Panzone also painted a large mural in Park Circle that coincided with the second season of HBO’s Vice Principals starring McBride, which was also filmed in Charleston. You can also peep Panzone’s work at the Sparrow in Park Circle, Tin Roof in West Ashley, and at College of Charleston.

Sneak a peek of the mural now, because if the Halloween promo is like the Vice Principals arrangement, it will make like a ghost and disappear after a while. The previous work on the wall was by Scott Parsons — find it documented on his website.
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