Matthew Paul Miller, a.k.a. Matisyahu, makes his Lowcountry debut at the Music Farm on Sat. Nov. 14. He may be the only Hasidic Jew on the scene that blends beatboxing, hip-hop, and reggae while delivering a solid, positive message.

His 2004 debut Shake Off the Dust… Arise — featuring his first big single “King Without a Crown” — went largely unnoticed until Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio invited him onstage at Bonnaroo in 2005, after which His next album Youth received a Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album. His latest album, a 14-track collection titled Light, demonstrates a stronger lyrical message within the rock music, rather than the beatboxing rhymes on previous efforts. The single “One Day” sounds more like an inspirational reggae gospel anthem, departing from his earlier influences. “Being an artist is about being sensitive to how the world resonates inside you and then being able to express it,” Matisyahu says in a recent press release. “This process is an ever-changing one.”

Matisyahu performs a free acoustic set on Fri. Nov. 13 from 4-4:30 p.m. at Half Moon Outfitters in West Ashley (94 Folly Road Blvd. 843-556-6274). He’ll be at the Music Farm the next day with opening act (and Hilton Head native) Trevor Hall, who recently released a deeply groovy, reggae-tinged, self-titled album on Vanguard Records. Both of these artists are in heavy rotation on the Bridge at 105.5. Expect the same energy that Matisyahu infuses into every one of his legendary live sets. He might let you join him if your beard’s long enough.