[image-1]It seems like just last summer we were announcing Blair Machado as Park Cafe’s executive chef, taking over at the Rutledge Avenue restaurant after previous chef John Amato stepped down. But the executive chef hat has changed again, with former FIG sous chef, Matt Canter, taking over. Canter joins The Park Cafe team, reuniting with friend (Park Cafe co-owner) Xan McLaughlin, who Canter once worked with at FIG. 

In a statement McLaughlin said, “In addition to his top culinary skills, Matt brings patience, organization, and the ability to teach others, which are invaluable skills in the kitchen, as all restaurant owners know.” In addition to working at FIG, Canter has also worked at the Ocean Room on Kiawah and Charleston Place.

Canter will not alter The Park Cafe’s current menus, but he plans to introduce his own seasonal dishes to each menu. In a statement Canter said, “I am deeply committed to our local farmers, fishermen, and other purveyors and will continue to look to them for inspiration as our menu develops.”