The single debuted last month and now local hip-hop artist Matt Monday has premiered the video for “You Know Who” via Vibe Magazine — that’s an awfully big deal, peeps. The mag’s headline says that Monday “activates his star power” with the new visuals, which include female dancers that give us fly girl vibes in the very best possible way.

Monday is known for his dramatic, story-telling videos, like the time he turned white supremacy on its head with “Devils.” But the artist told Vibe he decided to have a little fun this time around with a more playful concept that, we believe, should leave its viewers hyped AF.

Monday directs the video, while Sonny Digital produced the track in addition to others from Monday’s upcoming release, Candy Paint Playground — his first full-length hip-hop record since 2015’s Filthy. He told Vibe the album will embody “British stadium rock, old negro spirituals, and the bravado of Juvenile, circa 2000.”

Check out the killer new video above and on YouTube.