[image-1]Moving from the Holy City to New York City was a smooth transition for Charleston artist Matt Monday, formerly known as Righchus, as proven recently through his skillful navigation of the music industry.

The hip-hop artist recently started his own label S.W.I.M. (Southern Wealth In Music) with partners Jeffery Berry and Mike Santos. Monday says, “I pretty much get to make the music I want to make, however I want to make it,” and the results have gotten our attention. Monday just released the first single “The Lomax” off the upcoming album Filthy. Both “The Lomax” as well as the title track are inspired by an infamous prophet from Boston and his crew of good guys, who are all “filthy rich, but don’t carry themselves like they are.”

Monday’s music and merchandise can be found on his new site swimclique.com. Filthy’s release is coming soon, and Monday hopes for a Charleston-included tour starting in the fall.