With the $820 billion plan now headed to conference committee in the Congress, Charleston Mayor Joe Riley presented a few projects he says the city will be promoting for stimulus aid once it is signed into law by President Obama.

“We need to get people back to work,” Riley said Tuesday, standing in front of the state employment office downtown.

Projects that would be ready to begin work within 90 days include a new city gym at Harmon Field and much-needed stormwater improvements along the Crosstown corridor. Riley said the gym could be one of the first projects to break ground if it receives funding. The city has already sent out bid requests for the work, though noting that it is dependent on the federal assistance. The gym would require $8.9 million in federal aid, while providing 151 jobs, according to city estimates.

The stormwater issue will require a larger federal investment (up to $127 million). Preliminary designs have already been drafted and approved by the Department of Transportation. The first phase of the work would cost $60 million and provide 840 jobs, according to city estimates.