[image-1]Today, Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg sent out the first in a series of planned weekly newsletters meant to keep his constituents in the loop on city issues.

After rainstorms over the past week again left streets impassable at times, forcing the closure of the Crosstown Expressway last Friday morning, Tecklenburg wrote to remind his voters that the city is working on ways to limit future inundations.

“I can assure you that flooding and the impact of higher tides, which not only put immediate pressure on storm water systems but also pose a more long-term challenge, are a top priority for me — one that I think about when I wake up in the morning and go to bed at night,” the email read.

Tecklenburg said that even as commutes came to a screeching, wet halt last week, he was working to secure additional drainage funding at the SC Municipal Association’s annual meeting on Hilton Head Island.

Titled “Straight Talk from the Mayor,” the note appears to have been sent to email addresses on the Democratic mayor’s campaign list Thursday morning.

Tecklenburg also advised residents to pay attention to local weather and tidal reports, contact the city’s hotline at at 724-7311 if any drains aren’t operating properly, and to avoid driving on flooded streets.

The mayor also touted the dedication of a new affordable housing community on James Island in partnership with Sea Island Habitat for Humanity. Nine of the 18 three-bedroom, two-bathroom homes have been completed, according to Live 5 News. The other nine are expected to be done by fall 2019.