Mayor Joe Riley announced today that he would, in fact, release the independent fire review team study report on the Sofa Super Store fire next week. Late last week (like, 6:30 Friday), Riley announced he was delaying the report, and has since received harsh criticism.

Commissioned by the city last year, the report is expected to lay out a timeline for the events on June 18 that led to the deaths of nine firefighters in the flames of the Sofa Super Store on Savannah Highway. The review team completed its work, but Riley said he was holding off on releasing the report (and even his own private review) until the findings of two federal investigations.

But it was the concerns of firefighters and families of those lost that led to Riley announcing Monday afternoon that the city would release the report on Thursday, May 15.

“I realized that decision (to withhold the report) would be a disservice to our fire department and the families,” Riley said, also worrying about the potential for “hurt feeling, ill will, skepticism, and a lack of confidence” that may rise from a delay.

While he expects it will be critical of the department (as most of these reports are), Riley said he wasn’t sure what the report would look like. He said it may have a break down of lessons to be learned from the fire and the departments response.

Federal investigators have said it could be four months before their findings are prepared. With the potential for the those studies to gleam some new information in the coming months, Riley seemed to suggest that he would have stood his ground on the delay — had he not promised the review team’s report to residents this month.