105.5 The Bridge will host each of the six mayoral candidates for an hour every weekday morning beginning Mon. Sept. 14 through Tues. Sept. 22 (excluding Fri. Sept. 18), to discuss everything from their favorite ice cream flavor to their plans for the city’s infrastructure. 


“It’ll be light hearted and fun. We don’t have any ‘gotcha’ questions,” says program director Matthew Potter. Don’t expect the radio crew to go totally easy on the candidates, though. Potter says that 105.5’s audience will get a chance to ask more pressing questions — about the future of tech industries in the city (a topic Potter says he hears a lot from listeners), downtown bar closing times, and, of course, traffic.

After 40 years, the city of Charleston has gotten to know Mayor Joe Riley pretty well, and Potter says that these morning conversations — meant to feel like a cup of coffee with a pal — are designed to help people get to know the candidates better. As for whether or not personal preferences will sway a voter? Potter says that he sure hopes not, but seeing the human side of the candidates gets more people out to the polls, all the better. 

You can look forward to questions that ask candidates to choose between favorites — the Stones or The Beatles? Game of Thrones or Modern Family? — and to describe how they relax on the weekends, what their favorite Charleston restaurants are, and what their favorite kind of music is. If they’re really feeling a song, the Bridge will let them DJ for a bit. 

If you’d like to submit a question for the candidates, head to The Bridge’s Facebook page or Twitter.