Sorry I am sooo late blogging on this, but we got word late last week that Sen. Glenn McConnell has grown tired of the Civil War garbs and is looking for something a little flashier. Like, say, frock coats, knee-buckles, and fluffy wigs. Yes, McConnell has taken the unusual step of calling for a Constitutional Convention to address illegal immigration.

“Unfortunately, the ability of the state to deal with the problem of illegal immigration is almost entirely taken away by the provisions of our Constitution that leave immigration law solely within the province of the federal government. However, Congress has refused or is incapable of acting, thereby leaving the states in the position of burning while Congress fiddles.”

The measure would have to be approved by two-thirds of the states (not too hard I’d imagine in an election year).

States would be given the ability to give or deny benefits to illegal immigrants, as well as the ability to enforce federal immigration laws within their borders.

“While this course of action is unprecedented (hence the “The” still remains in “The Constitutional Convention”), I also feel the danger facing our country is unprecedented.”