Clint Sloan, the sommelier over at McCrady’s, will be featured in the October issue of Food + Wine magazine. He says they’ll be featuring his short rib recipe, which will also be compiled in their annual cookbook. “They asked me for my favorite food pairings,” he says, “and then [during the course of the interview] they asked me if I could cook, and I said yes, and if I cooked with wine, and I said yes, I braise short ribs.” About a week later, they asked for the recipe and he got confirmation that they would indeed be including him in an article about sommeliers who cook with wine. He’s not sure who else will be featured, but knows they talked to Dana Farner, Wolfgang Puck’s sommelier at Cut in L.A. Sloan says he’ll be heading to Alaska next month to teach about wine on a cruise.

In other McCrady’s news, they’ll also be highlighted by none other than Martha Stewart. A couple months back, Sloan says he passed her on the sidewalk outside of McCrady’s. “I came in and told everybody, ‘I think I just walked by Martha Stewart.'” Sure enough, a few months later, they got the call. Martha will be featuring them in the November issue of Martha Stewart Weddings.

And finally, Ann Swanson is leaving her post on the line in McCrady’s kitchen. She’s moving to Oregon to get her masters in food science. Ann’s departure means that Sean Brock is actively looking for a replacement. Visit his blog or twitter for more.