Two-month Aiden McGrew was mauled to death by a dog that his family was petsitting, according to a newly released 911 tape by the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office. Previous reports noted that the dog in question — a lab — had been recently adopted by the McGrew family.

The 911 call also offers new details on what may have happened inside the McGrew’s Ridgeville, S.C., trailer.

When the child’s mother, Chantell McGrew, returned home after taking her 7-year-old daughter to the doctor, the Ridgeville mother found two-month-old Aiden “laying on the floor.” His leg was torn off and his intestines were “hanging out.” McGrew’s two-year-old child was also awake, while her husband Quintin was “somewhat awake.” The mother also notes that her husband “hadn’t been feeling good” when she left him with the two children, the family’s dog, and the dog they were petsitting. Aiden was reportedly in a baby swing sometime before the mauling incident.

According to the recording, McGrew tried to guess what happened, telling the dispatcher, “I believe my two and a half year old got my baby out of the swing.” During the call, McGrew noted Aiden was still breathing and blinking, but he was getting cold. Later in the 911 call, Chantell McGrew tells the dispatcher that she is unable to have anymore children.

Recently, Dorchester County Coroner Chris Nisbet has said that parental neglect led in part to Aiden’s death, which he labelled a homicide.