If you thought Brett McKee would be out of the restaurant business for good after his split with Roadside Kitchens, well, then, you obviously don’t know Brett McKee. He’s spent the last 30 years staking his claim as a chef and restaurateur, moving from one venture to the next. A soured business relationship, no matter how acrimonious, won’t keep him from popping back up with a new opportunity, which he will always spin as way better than the last.

True to form, McKee sent out a press release this afternoon, announcing his partnership with Keith Jones, the owner of Southend Brewery and Amen Street Fish and Raw Bar.

They say there are big plans in the future, but for now, you can swing by Southend this weekend and try the new menu items: watermelon tomato salad and tomato pie. In the near future, McKee will be hosting some beer dinners and parties at Southend, while the two decide their next move.