West Ashley isn’t exactly known for its bustling art scene, but when two of Charleston’s cherished artists, Hirona Matsuda and Nina Garner, teamed up for a show at Avondale’s Greenway Studio on Saturday, it was well worth the drive over the river.

Tucked away on Daniel Street, the gallery is warm and welcoming, like a friend’s living room that happens to boast a really great art collection. The intimate space is the perfect setting for the pair’s artwork — the intricate pieces need to be inspected up close to appreciate their minute details and interwoven layers.

The comfortable crowd mingled over meatballs and merlot while Matsuda and Garner greeted attendees and accepted congratulatory hugs.

If you missed the opening, don’t fret — the artists’ works will be on view at Greenway through Jan. 7, 2012.