Media Matters is a great all-purpose source for watching the shenanigans of the right wing media. They will call it like they see it and — unlike so many in the mainstream media — they are not intimidated by Fox News. Here’s part of what they wrote about the “Conservative Woodstock” of Tea Party nuts who gathered in Searchlight, Nevada, last week. Read the whole piece at

But, alas, even after all of Fox’s fevered promotion and coverage, “Conservative Woodstock” it was not. As Boehlert noted: “Woodstock’s approximate attendance: 500,000. Searchlight’s approximate attendance: 8,000.” I’m sure Fox isn’t feeling too defeated, though. There’s always April 15.

Not to be outdone by his Fox friend Sarah Palin, Fox’s resident “rodeo clown” Glenn Beck spent the same day hosting his “day-long American Revival for 8,000 die-hard fanatics.” There, Beck touted his “100-year plan” for the nation, as well as a “budget” for America devised by experts he promised to roll out in the weeks to come, complete with tax reductions down to a rate of 12 percent.

To combat all of those pesky accusations that the right-wing media has been inciting the fringe to violence, Beck made sure to add this jewel into his monologue:

“Get God on your side, and then pick up a hammer…with non-violence, take your hammer and POUND that truth every day and everything that doesn’t fit, toss it out! We have the truth. … [W]ith non-violence, be the anvil of truth every single day!”

And here is what Media Watch’s Eric Boehlert said about the right wing media complicity in right wing violence following the passage of healthcare reform. Read it all at

By skimming over the unpleasant details, Fox News talkers did their best to trivialize the illegal, terrorist threats made against elected officials. In fact, they were glad Democrats received voice mails like that.

And yes, it’s been the rationalizing that’s been so disturbing to watch — the way the GOP Noise Machine fervently excused last week’s violent behavior and eagerly tried to shift the blame onto the victims of the intimidation, and then demanded to know what the big deal was.

I mean, who hasn’t had the line on a propane tank outside his house slashed by vandals? This stuff happens all the time, right? Didn’t scores of members of Congress, immediately following the vote in 2002 to authorize the invasion of Iraq, find their office windows shattered by flying bricks hurled under the cover of darkness by nasty anti-war libs? Didn’t they receive a steady stream of specific death threats and watch as relatives (and even their children) came under attack? Doesn’t this kind of harassment and intimidation come with the territory, and hasn’t it always been pushed out and legitimized by mainstream media outlets?

Um, not in America. But that may be changing as Fox News fuels the hate and does its best to provide cover and refuge for those supporting the intimidation campaign, as Fox News and the rest of the right-wing media rationalize the wave of political violence and do their best to shift the blame onto the targets — onto the victims — while always avoiding responsibility. (Did anyone on the left suggest Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) was to blame when a YouTube nut job posted a threat against his life?)

Note how so many embraced the frightening notion that because conservatives didn’t like health care reform, the violence was expected and nobody should have been surprised because Democrats, by passing the bill (i.e. desecrating the Constitution), pushed people too far. “So why are people angry?” asked Fox News’ Steve Doocy last week. “Maybe because they didn’t want this bill?”